Not All Cholesterol Comes From Food

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Approximately 75% of the body’s cholesterol is produced by your liver. As a result many people find that attention to diet and exercise is not enough to keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range. This has led to a dramatic increase in prescription drugs known as statins. Statins are effective at lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, but they have been associated with certain negative side effects, including muscle and liver damage.

Good thing there’s CholesBlock...Nature's cholesterol blocker !
CholesBlock effectively keeps the 2 sources of cholesterols in check: Food & What is Naturally Made in your Liver.

How does CholesBlock work?
The first and only food supplement PROVEN to help lower bad cholesterols safely, effectively. CholesBlock works in two ways:
  1. Blocks the absorption of cholesterol from the food that you eat.
  2. Blocks excess cholesterol & triglycerides that are produced in your liver.

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